Shuttle Bus to and from Iceland International airport (Keflavik) to Reykjavik downtown

Shuttle buses are always a comfortable and easy option to choose from. Most airports have several options that can be quickly booked in advance or directly at the airport. Shuttle buses, unlike public transportation, have fewer stops, which allow you to arrive faster at your destination without spending too much on a taxi. They also offer luggage space to travel more comfortably without the weight of heavy bags. Which shuttle buses are available at Keflavik International Airport (KEF)?

Tip 1: Several shuttle bus companies worldwide offer lower prices if you book your seat in advance.

1. Flybus

Flybus is one of the companies that offer you the best price if you book the ticket in advance. Otherwise, you can get tickets at the airport in their kiosks, but not on the Flybus. The costs for booking in advance (taken from the Flybus website in March 2020) are:

  • For children up to 11 years old – free of charge.
  • Young people from 11 to 16, from 11.6 € (14.04 $). A round trip ticket from 21.55 € (26.08 $).
  • Adults over 16 years, from 23.07 € (28.07 $). A round trip ticket from 42.86 € (52.14 $).

Flybus buses at the airport are located just in front of the terminal building. It has regular departures to the city approximately 35 minutes after each arrival, also for delayed flights. The trip to the principal stop, BSÍ Bus Terminal, takes about 45 minutes and has two more intermediate stops in Hafnarfjörður, and Garðabær.

Here you can check the BSÍ Bus Terminal location.

You also need to check the localization of your accommodation and decide what you would like to do once you arrive at BSI Bus Terminal. You can walk or transfer to a small bus that Flybus offers for transportation to selected hotels, guesthouses, and designated bus stops. These small buses are also provided for passengers going to the Youth hostel, Laugardalur camping area, and the Reykjavik domestic airport. You can check here their pick up and drop off locations. Take into consideration that from the bus terminal to some parts of the downtown, it is uphill. If you carry heavy bags, we strongly recommend you check their drop-off locations.


Reykjavik City aims to keep the small-scaled city center a pleasant and safe place for everyone. Therefore, it has added a new regulation that tour operators on larger vehicles can no longer enter some areas. Most hotels in the restricted area are within a 5-10 minute walking distance from a bus stop. However, if your destination is within this area, you can check for the bus stop closer to your accommodation.

Flybus passengers can carry two bags per person, weighing a maximum of 23 kg (50 lbs) each, and take aboard one carry-on item. Additional luggage will be loaded as space allows for an extra charge of 1000 ISK (~ 7 €/8 $) per item. Bicycles can also be transported if space available for a cost of 2500 ISK (~ 17 €/20 $). If you are traveling with more luggage than is estimated per person, send an e-mail to:

or call the main BSI Bus Terminal office to make appropriate arrangements before your arrival.

If you would like to use Flybus for transfer from Reykjavik to the airport, you will need to go to the BSÍ Bus Terminal. You can also book for an extra cost a pick up in one of their pick up stop. You will need to do so the evening before departure by calling the last phone number or in the reception of your hotel.

You can change or cancel your booked date free of charge by e-mail or phone at least a day before the scheduled departure.

All this information was extracted from the Flybus website in March 2020. For more updated information, visit their website. Also, don’t forget to check the FAQ tab at the bottom of their website.

2. Airport Direct (with Blue Lagoon transfer)

Airport Direct service desk is located at KEF Airport arrivals hall. They have agents on-site to help you with the booking process and a self-service kiosk. In addition to the Reykjavik transfers, they also offer connections to the Blue Lagoon. Their buses are located right in front of the airport terminal. Blue Lagoon buses are white and blue. The ones going to Reykjavik are orange.

Tip 2: Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular destinations in Iceland, and in our opinion, a most-go. Be sure to book your ticket in advance.

Airport Direct have different transfer options:

  1. Airport Direct Economy: 45 minutes trip with fixed scheduled bus transfers and a stop in the way at Hamraborg. The ride ends at their Reykjavik Terminal.

The price from their website as of March 2020:

  • Infants up to 2 years old, free of charge.
  • Children from 3 to 13, from 11.47 € (14.04 $). A round trip ticket from 21.55 € (26.08 $).
  • Adults (14+), from 22.95 € (28.07 $). A round trip ticket 42.86 € (52.14 $).
  • Suppose you are staying in the restricted area in downtown Reykjavik. In that case, you will need to get off at the bus stops closer to your accommodation. After the stop in Reykjavik Terminal, Airport Direct offer a drop-off with SmartBus to your accommodation for an extra 7.23 € (8 $).
  • You are allowed to take one bag per person with a maximum weight of 23 kg (50 lb) in the luggage compartment. Extra bags and odd-sized baggage (as bicycles) can be transported if space is available for an additional fee. The prices can be checked on their website during the booking process.
  • If you are traveling with more luggage than the included per person, make the appropriate arrangements sending an e-mail to:

or calling their main office

Tip 3: Book a flexible ticket for an extra 1.99 € (2.41 $) so you are entailed to a seat on the next available bus if your flight changes for some reason.

  1. Airport Direct Premium: Door-To-Door minibus transfer that gets you straight to your accommodation without changing buses. Runs according to schedule. The price from their website in March 2020 starts at 43.79 € (52.88 $) per person. Remember to book a flight delay guarantee, so you avoid purchasing another ticket in case of delays.

Airport Direct also offers private transfer, luxury private transfer, and charter transportation for groups larger than 9 people.

All this information was extracted from their website in March 2020. For more up-to-date information, visit their website. Also, remember to check the FAQ post under more info.

For more ways to get to Iceland International Airport or Reykjavik, check our post: Best ways to get from Iceland International airport (Keflavik) to Reykjavik downtown. You will find in the post the most popular and well-known alternatives and the cheaper ones most people don’t know.

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