About us

Hello! We are Annie and Elizabeth, and we are happy you are here. In this blog, we share with you all the information and experience we have gathered during our trips so you can plan yours and enjoy it as much as we did with each one of them. If we have learned something, these last years is that you can go everywhere you dream of if you plan it in the right way and you find the right travel partners.

We have known each other for 11 years, we have a degree in Physics, and currently, we are Ph.D. students in Physics, well one of us no more. I know you are asking yourself now what physics has to do with planning a trip. You are right. Being physics does not have anything to be with the fact that we love to plan a trip, but physics is a big part of our life, so we couldn’t let it out from our introduction. Because of physics, we know each other, and because of physics, we are today just where we want to be.

Now the important part, how we can help you? The answer is easy. Together we had plan unforgettable holidays with our significant others and friends. We are confident we can also help you have the best experience. When we plan a trip, we go deep, we spend hours happily doing research on the internet. To be honest, it’s like we were obsessed. For others, that seems like tedious work for us is one of our favorite hobbies.

Our trip budget is not always great, but let us tell you something, a low budget doesn’t mean you can’t travel and have the best experiences of your life. We can tell you that hasn’t been an impediment for us.

Below you will find more individual details about us. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us or comment in the comment section. We would love to hear about you, your trip experiences, and your upcoming plans.

Annie Meneses González

“… if you have to choose between planning a trip or taking a trip, you choose planning. “

From one of my favorite series, NEW GIRL

Hi, I am Annie, born and raised in Cuba but living in Heidelberg, Germany, since 2017. The most important thing you should know about me is that I will always choose the trip! I am a proud daughter, a woman in science, and a weird millennial. My two favorite hobbies are traveling and cooking. My three favorite places are home with my family, my couch with Netflix and my boyfriend, and in the middle of nowhere, with the snow and my friends.

Elizabeth Musacchio González

Hi, I am Ely, born in Cuba but living in Padua, Italy, since 2017. Since my first trip in 2015, my desire to know the world has constantly been increasing. In this world, there are beautiful places, and it is a shame not to know them. I love to travel, and I am always planning new things to do! I like biking, dancing, listening to music, watching TV series and photography. I am an enthusiastic person who loves to spend time with family and friends.

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